Interview fashion designer Andrés Caballero

Entrevista en español

I distinctly remember the day that I first saw Andres. It was at a fashion show of emerging young designers, given in the crowded, famous and renowned discoteca, “Just Cavalli”, in Milan. “This man is self-assured and… from life and from his work”.
After a few years I had honestly forgotten he existed until one day I saw his collection of the Italian edition of Vogue magazine. He showed the same well defined style, confidence, elegance and demeanour as before. From that point onward I would not forget about him.
From that point onward, I continuously hear from his work in Mexico and in Europe. This means that Andres Caballero everyday he creates a solid present for a very prosperous future. Indeed, Andres is truly a vital part in the history of fashion.
In each of his sketches I see the result of hard-work based on good analysis and conceptualization. In fact, his work reminds me of the Bauhaus School because of his simple lines and his artistic as well as architectural syncretism.
1.-Andres, tell us about yourself. How did you become interested in fashion? What were your first jobs and education in Mexico like
I think it is impossible to say exactly when my passion for fashion came about.. considering that since I had use of reason I loved it… in particular I was fascinated by the structure of dresses, blazers, coats, etc .. therefore I believe my vision began more architecturally as opposed to fashion’s common ends.
I studied in Jannette Klein en Mexico City. From there they I was sent on scholarship to study at the Instituto Marangoni in 2001 .. which would be the time in which I came to know Italian fashion, and of course I was inspired by the prět-a-porter. Afterwards, I studied in the Paris American Academy in 2003, but decided to return to Milan where by coincidence, and a lot of luck, I was able to start my fashion line under the name of  San Andres Milano in 2006.
San Andres Milano, because of my profound respect for the Catholic Church, the city of Milan, and obviously my own name. I define my style neo-retro as inspired, a mix of the lady-like with a bit of shock, made for the fearless intellectual woman.
2.-I imagine at the start you noticed the culture differences between Mexico and Europe, and now you may have become europeanized. How has the change been for you?
I profoundly love Mexico and respect Italy exceedingly, a nation that permitted me to create a “Made in Italy” clothing line where the attention to quality is recognized world wide. To be honest it is difficult as a Mexican to not be able to consider your culture as a decisive part of your creative work.
3.-Despite that what I have seen throughout your designs and decorations is that you utilize mexican elements very subtly and precisely for instance with perforated paper or paper dolls. Do you think that being Mexican is difficult to remove yourself from, or to not have any influence from our culture? What would be the positive and negative sides of this?
Mexico is very culturally rich, and I believe that there is a lot to choose from aesthetically. My objective is to show a contemporary mexican vision where respect for the past and its roots can transcend into a future with a cosmopolitan interpretation.
The pros and cons.. I am not sure.. but the important thing for me is to have my own identity and that is created from what I have lived through and in what I am living.
4.-What do you think about the growth of and interest for fashion in Mexico in recent years?
Thanks to Google+ Fashion Mexico, I presented again in my country the past season. It is an online platform with a futuristic vision. I really enjoyed seeing so much creativity and so many young designers. Slowly but surely there is a fashion industry developing in Mexico thanks to the level of communication that exists today because of technology, which also helps in building an interested base of consumers.
5.-Any future plans?
My plans for the moment involve continuing to do what makes me happy: sketch, design, cut, and construct. All in all I will keep exhibiting my work with professionalism.
Thanks Andres for your time, sincerity, and humility in giving this interview.  I wish you a good  luck in all. AB
Translation Spanish-English Alexander Fischer

Collection “Roma, Amour de mis Amores” Spring / Summer 2015

 Collection “Maria Bonita” Autumn / Winter 2014-2015 



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